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Founded in 2016 by couple Adele and Paul Keeley Site33 is a creative arts company that explores the marriage of sound and design for outdoor events.


With over 20 years experience in the creative arts Site33 see the bringing together of innovative artistic exploration and musicianship. Individually skilled in composition, costume design, music production, scenography, soundscapes, live performance and illustration. Site33 make original work that is inspired by the fusion of image and audio. 


Artistic collaboration is at the core of our philosophy.

Adele Keeley

Artist, designer and illustrator Adele has shared her passion for design with students for the past 17 years as a Senior Lecturer on the Costume and Performance Design course at the Arts University Bournemouth. Exploring visual responses through her academic research Adele is a collaborator who enjoys working on site specific work. With this keen interest in outdoor arts Adele is actively engaged in the performing arts community in Dorset and was a Trustee for Activate Performing Arts (2012 – 2018). Adele contributed significantly to the opening celebrations of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic sailing events in Weymouth. Recent work as a scenographer includes Gobbledegook Theatre's international touring production Ear Trumpet.

Paul Keeley

A musician for over 30 years Paul has been in a series of bands touring the UK and Europe and has regularly appeared on TV and radio. In recent years he has focused on music production and sound design for a wide variety of festivals and exhibitions. Paul also continues to write and produce music with Koda33 and Box33 while frequently performing with cabaret act Everyday Sunshine.

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