Sound Design


2019 – Meaninglessness: The Art of Dazzle and War


An original soundtrack was composed and produced for use during a live performance at the CRAB drawing studio, AUB. In collaboration with Director Keiran Luxton and writer Figan Dastan a spoken word piece was recorded and included in a 20 minute soundscape to accompany a staged performance on 21st March 2019.

Excerpt from soundtrack included in Dazzle & the Art of Defence Documentary.


2016 – Shakespeare Superheroes: We are such stuff as dreams are made of.


This project sees the DC Comic superheroes such as Batman, The Joker and Catwoman reimagined in Shakespearean costume complete with ruffs, patterned silks and ornate cuffs and collars. The project is to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death on 23rd April 2016 and to celebrate the release of two DC movies in this year.


Site33 composed and produced the soundtrack for the film produced and commissioned by the Arts University Bournemouth.

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2017 – AUB celebrates 80 years of working the camera at Wimbledon.


AUB students from BA (Hons) Costume and Performance Design, BA (Hons) DanceBA (Hons) Film Production and BA (Hons) Make-up for Media and Performance collaborated to produce a two minute film celebrating 80 years of working the camera celebrating 80 years since the championships were first televised by the BBC in 1937.


Site33 composed and produced the soundtrack for the film commissioned by the Arts University Bournemouth, produced and directed by Mark Sephton.

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Exhibition Soundscapes.


For the past 10 years Site33 has curated unique and diverse soundscapes for the Arts University Bournemouth Graduate Exhibitions. These have included musical medleys blending The Sex Pistols with classical masterpieces for the 2012 Exhibition Never mind the Bonnets and haunting ambience fused with showtime musicals for the 2018 Exhibition Chiaroscuro.  In 2016 Site33 produced a soundscape for the Drawing Theatre exhibition showcasing the work of renowned Director, Scenographer, Curator and Educator Professor Pamela Howard OBE.


List of recent Exhibitions: 

2012: Never mind the Bonnets – AUB, Bournemouth

2014: Bowie/ Jane Austen - AUB, Bournemouth 

2015: AU - AUB, Bournemouth

2016: Drawing Theatre – Pamela Howard OBE –AUB, Bournemouth

2016: Contain - AUB, Bournemouth

2017: Façade - AUB, Bournemouth

2017: Reflect - AUB, Bournemouth 

2017: Destinations – Barge House, London

2018: Chiaroscuro – AUB, Bournemouth

2018: Destinations – Barge House, London