Mellow Meadow - Larmer Tree Festival


The Mellow Meadow is a place to lay back, breathe and take a moment of reflection. Made for people of all ages, this festival installation invites its participants to explore abstract flower structures, chill in the ambience of the setting and listen to a soundscape beautifully composed to promote a feeling of well-being. The Meadow can also be a place for creative exchange, performance and storytelling.


The Mellow Meadow was produced by Heidi Steller Arts and Site33 for Larmer Tree Festival 2018 and 2019.

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Our improv JAMs are open, playful workshops where everyone is welcome to dance, sing, draw, play and create to a live soundtrack created by a DJ and sound artist.


In collaboration with Jenna Hubbard.

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Candy Floss Corner - Purbeck Folk Festival


A re-imagined Mellow Meadow created to provide a colourful and dramatic entrance to the Main stages at Purbeck Folk Festival 2019.


Also provided additional decoration to the Long Barn area with our customised recycled Wisteria Umbrellas.

Explore: Wassailing 2018 &

Explore: Mary Shelley Takeover 2019

Part residency, part performance. The annual AUB Explore project brings together over 100 students from Arts University Bournemouth in a 2-day workshop that explores outdoor theatre. Students created a performative response to spaces allocated throughout the university campus.


Explore: Wassailing & Mary Shelley Takeover were Arts University Bournemouth productions in collaboration with Gobbledegook Theatre and Site33.

Cosmic Cocktails - Walkabout


Cosmic Cocktails is a playful walkabout performance created for a wide range of settings. Fusing DJ party sounds with interactive live performance the audience are invited to pick a musical cocktail from the ‘cosmic’ menu. The cocktail waitresses then present the punters requests to the Master DJ who plays music mash-ups through a sound system with live singing and dancing. The Cosmic Cocktails crew can often be seen at different locations around a festival including the legendary porta-loo parties. 


Cosmic Cocktails was created by Site33 in collaboration with Gobbledegook Theatre originally for Camp Bestival and Larmer Tree Festival 2016.

Cosmic Cocktails - Cabaret Performance


Cosmic Cocktails is a staged interactive cabaret performance with a futuristic sci-fi design. Audience members are asked to order songs from a cocktail menu by our cosmic waitresses. The musical duo mash up dance floor classics which are guaranteed to fill any dance floor. Expect the unexpectable!! 


© 2018 by Site33arts.

Purbeck Folk Festival 2019